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CSTV is one of the top professional satellite tv service providers in China, we can offer the Intl TV Channels  for Expats Communities at the local rate ! Worldwide TV Channels like HBO, CNN,Star world, NHK, BBC, Discovery, AXN, Neo Crickets, ASN , Cinemax, Diva Movies, Fox News ,CNBC,TV5 Monde Asie, Indian TV, Geographic Channel, Fox Movies, TVB , Disney TV, Cartoon Network, Etc. By satellite tv-you can get the best entertainment info. Satellite TV- Best choice for you and your families ! Welcome to order your favorite TV Package from CSTV . Service Mobile : +86 13681000117 ; Mailto: star.an@hotmail.com


AsiaSat 3S at 105.5<E


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Channel Name
Channel NewsAsia
Channel NewsAsia (625 lines)
Channel NewsAsia (525 lines)
Bangladesh TV
BTV World
Sangsad Bangladesh TV
China Entertainment TV
Madani Channel
Fashion TV Asia
Arirang Arab
RT English
MTA International
Al Jazeera English
Supreme Master TV
TV 5 Monde Asie
DW-TV Asia
DW-TV Asia +
DW-Radio 1
DW-Radio 2
DW-Radio 4
DW-Radio 5
DW-Radio 6
DW-Radio 8
DW-Radio 9
RFI Français
RFI Diverse 4
Zee Salaam
Zee Jagran
ETC (India)
ETC Channel Punjabi
Sun TV (China)
Xinya Azio
Macau Lotus TV
NHK World TV
B4U Movies India
B4U Music India
AVT Channels
AVT Khyber
Khyber News
K2 (Pakistan)
Star Utsav
Phoenix InfoNews Channel
Phoenix Chinese Channel
Xing Kong International
Channel V China
Sahara Samay
Sahara Samay NCR
Sahara Samay Mumbai
Sahara Samay Uttar Pradesh
Sahara Samay Bihar
Aalami Sahara tests
Sahara Samay Madhya Pradesh
VoA TV Asia
American Embassy TV Network
VoA TV Africa
VoA TV Persian
VoA Global Live (AS 3)
Voice of America (AS 5)
Voice of America (AS 6)
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (AS 8)
VoA Music Mix (AS 9)
VoA Global Live (AS 11)
Voice of America (AS 12)
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (AS 13)
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (AS 14)
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (AS 15)
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (AS 16)
Voice of America (AS 21)
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (AS 22)
VoA Music Mix (AS 23)
Voice of America (AS 24)
VoA Music Mix (AS 17)
VoA Global Live (AS 19)
Radio Farda
Isaac TV
Blue Ocean Network
Lights Asia
KTN Network
KTN News
KTN (Pakistan)
PTV Home
PTV News
ATV (Pakistan)
FM Radio Sawat
PBC Larkana
Radio Pakistan
Awaz TV Network
PTV Global USA
PTV Global UK & Europe
PTV National
Radio Pakistan
Shamshad TV
Eye TV
Hum TV
Masala TV
Style 360
Zing Asia
Zee Smile
Zee 24 Ghante Chhattisgarh'
SSI Group
Alite tests
Aaj News
TV One Global
News One (Pakistan)
Waseb TV
Geo News

Chaoyang district ,  Beijing , E-mail: star.an@hotmail.com  Tel:  (+86)13681000117