Recommendation for internet Set Top Box / IPTV : Shanghai : Beijing : Shenzhen : China ?

Recommendation for internet Set Top Box / IPTV : Shanghai : Beijing : Shenzhen : China ?

Watching Foreign TV Channels in Beijing , Shanghai ....China ? American and UK TV in China

HotHD Online TV Package contain more than 360+ TV Channels as you saw at below list , it contain worldwide news , sports , movies , entertainments , kids channels , learning channles , it conain one year subcription once you purchase our tv box, we can deliver to you if you are in beijing.and Shanghai. we will send SF-Express or STO or Yunda Express to you if you are other brother city of china after payment.
001. HBO HD
002. SKYNet HD2
003. HBO Hits HD
004. HBO Dmaily HD
005. HBO Signature HD
006. Fox HD

Hot Sales ! DishHD Super IPTV Boxes ! NBC , USA HD , ESPN U , ESPN 2 , CBS Sports , NBC Sports, ID ...

Dear DishHD Super IPTV Users,
DishHDIPTV package contain 298 tv channels so far , please contact us if interested.

Requirement :

1). China Telecom or Unicom Internet ( Download Speed 8Mbps at least ) and Router at your place.
How to know your internet category and download speed ? Using your computer to input this URL at your home.
2). Your Router share the same room with your television. Thus have good internet signal or Lan connection.

New 7th Generation Super IPTV Boxes are coming , Renewal and Subscription In China nd All Over the world

Hello dear tv users,

we can offer super english iptv box renew and subscription all over the world online and you pay then we renew online is so easy.
In addtion : New 7the generation smart tv box are coming , please contact us if interested. Increase more USA tv channels from direct tv and Dish Network ie : ESPN HD , ESPN 2 , NBC Sports , Fox Z , USA HD , CW , NFL ...

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DishHD IPTV Subscription in Beijing , Shanghai , Tianjin , Shenzhen , Guangdong , China

Dear DishHD IPTV Users,

DishHDIPTV package contain 305 tv channels so far , It is one of the best iptv packages , H 265 decoding , 305 tv channels have look back function. High definition quality picture. VOD etc..HDMI connection with TV Set. Reform and innovation is develepment motivation , offer the best products is our final object.

Requirement :

Super English IPTV Renewal Online In China | IPTV Renew In Beijing and Shanghai , Malaysia , Singapore , All over the world !

How to renew your Smart TV Box after expiry ?

On your tv box bottom , have Mac address or turn on your tv , on tv screen right above corner have below number , We can renew online for it by the number , After renewal , you can watch one year. Pay by wechat or alipay or ATM , It took about one hour to make you tv box work again.... All renewal job will carry on online , online activate. Trust us and use our service.

Super English IPTV Subscription and Renewal in China

Super English IPTV Package total have 151 tv channels so far. So if you are only interested in English TV Channels , Please contact us . If you have silver super iptv box at your home and expired and please contact us for renewal , we can activate it again for one year subscription.
If you are new tv users , Please choose 7th generation super dishhd iptv package , h 265 , Internet speed requirement is very low , Total 305 tv channels in our black new dishhd iptv package.
001. HBO HD
002. HBO Hits HD
003. HBO Family HD

Inspire IPTV Subscription at Bars , Cafe , Hotels , Restraunts , Schools , Saloons ... in Suzhou , Shanghai,China

Over Internet via router to online watch your tv channels ! HotHD Inspire IPTV package only for interested subscribers.

Requirement :

10-100 M internet ( China Telecom or Unicome ) via router at your home.
In other countries , your home have static ip address internet and router.

Equipment :

One Android TV Box with one year subscription fee.

TV Channels :

Digital Online IPTV Subscription | Smart TV Box Renewal in Shanghai , China

Online Satellite IPTV Package contain 239 TV Channels , More than 150 english tv channels in the package. Your home have China Telecom or Unicom internet and router , the speed of internet should be more than 4 M bps , you can get the package,

Advantage :

Watching your tv in any country and the whole china over Internet Via Router !!!

What tv channels in Satellite TV Online Package ?

Japan IPTV Subscription in Shanghai , China | Wowow TV , Japan Sports 1-4 , Star 1-3 , BS , NHK

CSTV is offerring you one android tv box with one year subcription for Japan TV channels service.
Main tv channels total 50 . Most are Japan tv channels plus English tv channels.
Your home have any one internet ( China Telecom or Unicom or Mobile ) and router , At least 10 M bps.
You can watch below all tv channels.
002.NHK Eテレ
008.MBS テレビ
009.ABC テレビ
012. テレビ


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